Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips

Avoid Costly Wedding Planning Mistakes With These Tips!

Wind + James stays on the cutting edge of wedding trends in order to help you plan the day of your dreams. In this article we’re sharing wedding planners’ top tips for saving money and avoiding costly mistakes that can sabotage your wedding budget!


Couples usually are advised to plan on setting aside 5 to 10 percent of their wedding budget for stationery! Since this is such a big expense, there are a variety of ways you can consider cutting invitation costs – without cutting corners.

Avoid letterpress, foil stamping and engraving, since they are all highly specialized printing methods that can double the cost of invitations. Digitally printed invitations can be just as elegant – at a fraction of the cost!

Be careful not to skimp on the quantity of invitations you order, because if your guest lists changes (we forgot about Aunt Martha!) it will be much more expensive to order a reprinted second batch. Wedding planners suggest you order an additional 10 to 20 invitations to allow for mistakes, misdeliveries and added guests.

Printing thank you notes & “save the date” cards at the same time as your invitations is also a way to save on printing & shipping costs.

And when it comes to addressing envelopes, digital calligraphy is much less expensive than a hand calligrapher – and can be just as beautiful!

For a real budget saver, consider using digital “e-vitations” from a company like Paperless Post -rather than expensive paper products and postage . . . at least for “Save the Date” and Rehearsal dinner invitations.


Choose flowers that are readily available in your climate and area for the time of year you will be getting married. Flower prices can vary greatly with seasonal availability!

Rather than having an exact flower you want, be open to having a “style” of flower” you like – that will give your florist the flexibility to select in-season options that are more affordable.

Always purchase a few extra blooms to have on hand for setting up photo shoots and decorating the cake table, too. Supplying the photographer and the baker with flowers can reduce photography and cake expenses – as well as improve the appearance of your photos and cake!


When it comes to wedding budgets, nothing is a source of more contention than the “guest list”. Our wedding planners all agree: keep your guest list to those most important to you, and stick to your guns! Increasing the guest count is the easiest way for additional costs to sneak up on you and break the budget.

Also, consider serving a beer and wine bar instead of a full open bar. To add a touch of elegance – without breaking the bank – place a single bottle of champagne on each table for the toast!

Remember that buffets or serving stations are also typically much less expensive per guest than plated and served meals.

Another large expense that can be cleverly reduced is the cake. Keep the elaborate, decorated cake on the smaller size – and order a sheet cake to be kept in the back that will be cut to serve guests. A sheet cake that serves 200 people is usually less than 25% of the cost of a fully decorated tier cake that can serve the same number of people.

Finally, make sure you choose an affordable and flexible venue like Wind + James – with packages to suit every budget . . . and no hidden fees (like a cake cutting cost, or corking fees!) For the ultimate savings, consider our affordable room rentals that allow you to keep costs down by supplying the food, beverages and decor yourself.